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Thing 17 (on hold), but a look at HILT

Thing 17 is all about Prezi, and I have been looking forward to this for weeks, its all so exciting, but, but, but…I will have to contain myself, as I don’t want to emerse myself in the delights of Prezi, without actually having a real life proper presentation to work on.  So rather than waste/indulge precious time on discovering all the delights on offer, I am going to wait.  In November I am giving a presentation on my experiences of cpd23 at a ‘Social Media in Libraries’ event organised by Cardiff Libraries in Co-operation (CLIC) – THAT will be the perfect opportunity to try out a Prezi, so I will leave Thing 17 for a few weeks yet.

However, its amazing what you find when you aren’t looking.  This week I attended one of our ULS Briefings – these occur every couple of months, and are attended by site and subject librarians and technical specialists (ie Cataloguers!) at Cardiff University.  Its a method of keeping up to date with what colleagues are working on,and having projects highlighted.  One of the presentations this week was on the newly updated version of the Handbook for Information Literacy Teaching (HILT).  As a cataloguer I don’t do any information literacy teaching, but was well aware of the sterling work of my colleagues, and of the famous ‘monkey book’ [see front cover].  HILT has been adopted by many countries, from the US to Japan, and all over Europe, and there is even a Finnish translation.  The main focus of the recent updates had been on their ‘Teaching technologies’ section, and here I discovered, that even though I don’t do any teaching, there are plenty of useful technologies which I might use or adapt (especially if giving a presentation), as well as information on a variety of social media.  A useful resource, created on my own doorstop – which I probably wouldn’t have looked at if I hadn’t attended the briefing.  Thank you HILT team!

There were several other presentations of course, which I had already suspected would be useful, including @MathomHouser on CU Library social media (he’s going to be presenting at CLIC in November too!) and @SarahNicholas on Social networking in libraries (ooh that woman knows so many social media tools!!!, she’s practically a one woman encyclopaedia).  So glad we have these briefings.


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