CPD23 and counting…

Its been a couple of months since I finished cpd23, and I’m sort of missing having new tools being introduced to me every week.  Although I think if that was a permanent fixture I would soon go into overload mode.

Today, however, I introduced myself to a new tool – (and perhaps that is the way forward).  It was Hoot Suite.  I’ve been using Twitter since cpd23 made me take the leap into using it, and I only ever access it via my pc at work, or my netbook at home.  I don’t have a smart phone, though can get internet access on my phone if I need to, so generally don’t use it that way (incidentally I rarely use my phone at all, I only got my first mobile last March, and still haven’t used up the first £10 I put on it!).  Anyway, I generally use Twitter for ‘work’ purposes, and am not jet setting round the country to warrant accessing it anywhere else than my pc.  As a consequence of this (I think) I haven’t looked at any of the other ‘tools’ that go hand in hand with it, such as Hoot Suite or Tweet Deck.

I recently set up a Twitter account for an organisation I am involved with  – Pentreffest (its all about European social dance), we already had a facebook page, and a mostly defunct Myspace page too.  We want to advertise our events, and communicate with the people who come along to them, or who potentially might come along.  At an informal meeting last night, someone mentioned that there was a tool that would enable pre written messages to be sent out at a timed interval.  So for instance I could set up messages about all the events we have organised for the coming year, and then have them timed to appear about a week before the event.  I could do this all in one go, rather than having to remember to do it every month etc.  Thus saving me time, and ensuring we were organised!  Although I was vaguely aware that ‘stuff could be done’ with Twitter, I’d never even sorted having my tweets co-ordinated with my facebook page.  I’m sure Twitter afficionados are probably despairing of me! 

So, I had a look this morning at what was on offer –  I went first to Tweet Deck, but my browser wouldn’t support it (and this was at work, so I doubt anything I have at home would be any better); so then I had a look at Hoot Suite, and although it recommends I upgrade my browser it did at least let me set up an account.  I’ve still got a lot of playing around to do, and I secretly yearn for a cpd23 blog telling me all about it, but an initial attempt let me compose one message and send it to multiple social network sites.  I’m pretty sure the ‘timed message’ thing is on there, so will have a look at that tonight.  Its a new tool to play around with, and I’m pleased with myself for sorting it out.  It may be something fairly basic to many people out there, but some of us are a few steps behind!

In the meantime, anyone who is interested in European social dance (French, Breton, Swedish etc) please find me/us @Pentreffest


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