The great cpd23 catch-up continues: (Thing 9!)

Oh yes, I am jumping all over the place here!

Thing 9: Evernote

Yes another new tool to sign up to, I have usernames and passwords all over the place!  But I like the cool elephant logo.  

It seems a fairly simple idea, a place to store all your notes, thoughts, comments web-pages.  It’s not something I think I particularly needed, but I thought I might as well check it out, especially the Web Clipper tool.  I have dozens of websites bookmarked on my networked account at work, and maybe this is a tool that will enable me to manage ‘favourites’ a bit better.  However, I seem to be having problems….I’ve signed up to my account, downloaded it to my pc, and tried several times to install the Web Clipper, it appears to install just fine, but then, well nothing (unless I am being rather stupid, and I can’t rule that out just yet).  Evenote itself is installed on my pc, but I cannot see a button on my internet browser, so cannot see how I can ‘clip’ those websites.  Its possible I may need to log out and log back in to see if its installed properly, but I’m not going to do that now.

I can see how the Notebook might be useful; especially if you are the kind of person who tends to have mobile technology with you wherever you go, then it seems great that you can jot things down and be able to access them from wherever you are.  I don’t have ‘mobile’ technology that I particularly use, but I do work from different places occasionally, and access the internet from home as well as work, so it may still prove useful.

Thing 13: Update

Online collaboration – I briefly talked about this before, and I will continue to be brief here again.  I do like the sound of Google Docs and Dropbox as tools that allow collaboration on documents, and I can see that this would be particularly useful when working with someone outside my own institution.  So far I have not had to do this, so have not had chance to explore these tools properly, aside from a brief look.    I’m also tempted to create a project just to be able to use one of them!

I do also like the idea that I can store documents in Dropbox just for my own use (ie not for collaboration), as I sometimes find myself writing essays/articles/minutes etc on my home pc, and then having to either email them to myself, or save them on a pen drive/usb to bring into work.  Putting them in Dropbox would be an ideal solution.



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2 responses to “The great cpd23 catch-up continues: (Thing 9!)

  1. Right, I will think up a collaboration so that we can use Google docs together as it is great, worth trying.

    *dons thinking cap*


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