The great catch-up (part 1)

The end of this ‘session’ of cpd23 is coming close, if I want that lovely certificate I have to finish everything by 30th Nov.  On a quick look that doesn’t seem to bad, I’d got up to Thing22, so only one left…Well, actually, no, if I am honest with myself, and as anyone looking closely will see, I’ve kind of skipped over a few along the way.  So I decided this weekend I would go over everything, check what I’d missed, and get on with it.

First hurdle: my pc at home is cracking under the strain, and really doesn’t seem up to it.  It looks all shiny and lovely, and used to be my husband’s (I am quite often lucky in getting his cast offs when he upgrades!).  I’m not a computer fiend, generally I just use it for typing stuff up!  And sometimes checking email/facebook.  He’s been muttering recently that his current pc has been in action for five years and needs extra this that and the other.  I wasn’t too bothered with how mine was doing until today when suddenly it seemed like a bit of a dinosaur, and wouldn’t even access twitter or my blog properly as its running an old version of Internet Explorer.

So, I decided to use my netbook which I bought last year, and is much better able to handle things. Its also pretty and pink.  Slight downside is that the screen is obviously smaller!  But that isn’t too bad actually.  So stuff is generally working… however, its just not as fast as my pc at work, which being connected to a University network is much whizzier (despite us all complaining about the network most days).  Speed shouldn’t be an issue really, but when pages take longer to load, and connections are taking ages…..I’m beginning to think that if we are not in a broadband blackspot, we are probably in a grey area!  And my internet provider isn’t giving me what has been promised.

It all makes for frustrating progress: I have several other tasks to complete this weekend, including homework for an evening class on Arthurian myth and legend, and a lot of reading for a distance learning postgraduate module on Rare books, never mind the essays I have to write for both that I should really start doing some preparation for; so, muddling round with a slow internet, and not getting very far, is frustrating.

So have I caught up with anthing yet or have I been too busy crawling or whinging ?

RSS Feeds from Thing 4: I think I mentioned originally that I did have some feeds coming through to my email client at work.  Today I thought I’d try and have them coming through to my blog.  Managed to get the cpd23 participants feed sorted.  But now I don’t know how to add any others.  I need to mess around with the widget, or set up the google reader, and actually it will all be much easier at work (sigh).

Think it’s time for lunch.



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2 responses to “The great catch-up (part 1)

  1. I see that we have a couple of things in common. We suffer from slow computers and we’re trying to our best to finish get our certificates.

    • Hi Erica
      I suspect we are not the only ones! I am always amazed how quickly computers become slow and outdated (ie technology outstrips them).
      Good luck with completing!

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