Really need to get on with this

One of the cpd23 Things I have yet to achieve is Thing 17 Prezi.  I decided it was best to leave it until I actually had a presentation to do rather than just constructing one for the hell of it (though I have to say that Library Wanderer’s Prince of Bel Air Prezi is just hilarious).  In a few weeks time as part of Cardiff Libraries in Co-operation’s (CLIC) training event on social media I have volunteered to talk about my experience with cpd23.  It seemed a fantastic idea three months ago; however now it is only two weeks away and I’m beginning to feel the pressure.  I am aiming to do a Prezi, as this will give my a great opportunity to try out the software – as a cataloguer I don’t necessarily get a lot of chances of doing presentations (though I have pushed myself into the odd conference), I don’t do student teaching for instance, so I really should go for it.  But I’m a bit scared!  Is it a stupid idea to construct the presentation in powerpoint first off, then ‘convert’ to a Prezi (and if it all fails I at least have a pp version?), or do I just jump in?  I think I need to put a day aside to do it, rather than leaving it til a Friday afternoon when I am in the post-lunch slump! 

My voyage of discovery awaits…


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