Conversations with Cataloguers in Wales

I’ve been meaning to try and organise this event for well over a year; thanks to cpd23 I’m pushng ahead with it now!

Cataloguing NY Public Library 1923

So, are you a cataloguer, or someone who works with metadata, in Wales?

Would you like to meet up with other likeminded souls?

I am hoping to organise a day/half-day seminar featuring presentations from cataloguers in Wales, and to enable a networking occasion.

Can you please contact me if you are

a) theoretically interested in attending such an event


b)willing to give a presentation at this event

I am looking for presentations on any of the following themes: special projects, reclassification, retrospective projects, working as a sole cataloguer/one-man band, preparing for RDA, collaborative cataloguing…

but am quite happy to have anything suggested!

Venue: Cardiff University

Date: January/February 2012

Cost: Free (or low cost) – this will be a zero budget event, I just want people to get together in a conducive atmosphere

Please contact me on or comment on this blog post. 

Feel free to disseminate this post to anyone you think might be interested.  Although I am focussing on people who work in Wales (because that is where I am based, and because I think a regional focus will be interesting), I am happy for people who live outside Wales to attend (the more the merrier).



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2 responses to “Conversations with Cataloguers in Wales

  1. Elly

    I’m in Bath but would love to come to this! I could talk a bit about our reclassification project if you need speakers.

  2. Hi Elly, that would be great, I’ll contact you by email. Thanks!

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