Mentoring (Thing 11)

I suspect this will be a short little post, as I haven’t really had a mentor in my professional life, not really.  When I first started the job I am currently in, I think I was assigned a mentor during my probation period.  This was someone who (deliberately) didn’t work in my department.  I already knew her, and as neither of us really knew what was expected from the other, we decided to just let things carry on as they were, and if I ever felt the need to contact she would be there.  So, a bit of a fail on both our parts I guess.  On the flip side, since starting this job I have found that there are several fantastic individuals around me (ie all the cataloguers I currently work with) who have always been available to help me, who have taken the time to explain things, who will always stop what they are doing if I have a query, and always share the knowledge and experience with me.  So I am very lucky in that respect.

As for looking for a mentor, this will be something I will be doing soon, once I get round to sorting out starting the chartership process!


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