Umbrella tweets

I’ve never been to Umbrella  – the large UK, CILIP organised library conference  in some ways I’ve never been that attracted to it; so large, so many talks and topics, an expensive train ride away…(oh dear I sound so provincial) as a cataloguer there is generally only a small section that is directly pertinent to my job, although lots of other bits sound interesting, trying to justify the expense from the staff development fund at work is difficult (and I’m on the staff development group!). 

This year, having just joined Twitter last week as part of cpd23, I thought I would follow via tweets – this is after all one of the professional reasons for having a Twitter account.

#UB11 has been an eyeopener, for a newbie on the tweeting front I was suddently confonted by a stream of information, and overwhelmed by conference snippets, luckily I had a day at work filled with mostly repetitive tasks, so I could dip in and out of Twitter and try to keep up.  Several people soon emerged as key people to follow with their succint and eloquent synopsis – @walkyouhome , @kirsty_thomson and @tomroper, not forgetting @Philbradley of course.  There were several others too of course, and it depended which session people were attending.  Its all continuing on today so I will be trying my best to dip in and out.

And on reflection, it has made me feel more inclined to think about attending this conference in the future.


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  1. Gem

    Twitter is great for following conferences, I went to the CILIP Cymru conference for a day and everyone was tweeting, I thought it was a little odd at first but I soon began to ignore the clicking and posted a few tweets myself. It can be tricky trying to chose which talks to go to but you don’t have to miss out now because you can follow what when on in other sessions.
    See you at the meet up!

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