South Wales cpd23 meet up

I am excited to be able to say that we have set a date and time for South Wales CPD23-ers to meet up!

A group of us are getting together on Wednesday 20th July, from 5pm, at Milgis on City Road, Cardiff  I’ve booked the yurt between 5 and 7 for private use, we can stay on longer if we want (though we wont have exclusive use after this).

Any librarians in the area – come and join us.  Milgis is a lovely place, great veggie food, interesting drinks (non-alcoholic/alcoholic), arty – and of course we’ll be there!  The yurt is at the back – get your drinks etc from the bar and walk on through.



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5 responses to “South Wales cpd23 meet up

  1. Hurray! Thanks for organising us all Karen! I’m really looking forward to meeting the people behind the avatars : )

  2. Me too! By the way, as we are getting the hire of the yurt for free, Milgis request that we all buy at least one drink. As I was assuming we’d all do this anyway its not an issue – but I just thought I’d mention it to people.

  3. Think we can manage that ; )

  4. That’s great Karen – look forward to seeing you all there! Do you know of any nearby carparks? I don’t know the area very well……..

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