Reflection – on all the things

I suspect I am not the only one who is racing to catch up with myself and all the Things. 

Trying to remember to keep on reading everyone’s blogs (well, ok, not all 700 !) (Thing2) – I had a look around the first week, but should really have a fresh look again since more people have joined.  I like the current feed on the left hand side of the cpd23 blog so I tend to have a look at the recent blog entries which is good.

Still thinking about branding (Thing 3), and would like time to sit down and play around with graphics and images and the sort.  I realise since starting cpd23 my lack of branding has become even more uncoordinated, since my blog and twitter account (both new)lack any cohesive visual link.  I’m currently not using a photo of myself on either (hey there is a link after all!), primarily cos I don’t generally like photos of myself – but I will mull that over a bit longer.

Thing 4  – well I managed to embrace Twitter, something I’d been vaguely planning on doing for a long time – so that was good.  But I felt like I’d strayed into the fast lane at the swimming pool, and my splashy attempts to keep up are a bit feeble.  Still, thanks to cpd23 in the main, I ended my first day on Twitter with 14 followers.  Not what I had expected – or intended, I had hoped to lurk unnoticed for a while!  Still, that felt like a positive achievement – and an encouragement to keep at it.

As for RSS feeds, well, I could really do more with that, I currently have a couple of feeds linked into my work email account.  Seeing as I chose wordpress rather than blogger for this blog I didn’t set up a google account at the beginning – so the feeds feel like they need more investigation.

Pushnote – hmmmm, admit I haven’t even looked at this one, and after reading various comments on other blogs I don’t know if I actually will as I can’t see much use for it.  Guess I should check it out really (as its on the curriculum!).  Will think some more on that.

And so, time for Thing 5  – reflection!  I can do that, I’m already doing it aren’t I….

Enjoyed the review of the person who attended the Reflective writing workshop, and think that really I too would like to attend an actual workshop, otherwise I will just assume I know what I am doing (when patently I need some guiding into the proper way to do it!).  Writing this blog is providing a good place for me to reflect on my practices though, and will contine to do so after cpd23 has ended.



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