Thing 4 – why is it so traumatic?

End of the week and I have made myself sit down and concentrate on cpd23 this morning, although I read all about Thing 4 at the beginning of the week, I think it is telling that I haven’t done anything about it until now.

Twitter – I have heard a lot about how useful it can be professionally, seen several examples, and have been meaning for probably over a year to get round to setting up an account.  Not that I have anything to say (hence previous reticence on starting a blog!).  But somehow, it all seems like a big jump into the unknown.  Well, set up my account this morning @Darklecat and even made my first tweet, though it felt rather contrived.  Have a feeling I will be lurking for quite a while before I get into the swing of things.  This is one of the reasons I signed up to CPD23 – to make me do these things!  It is strange why it felt so nervewracking to be doing something that millions (?) of people do every day, I’m not completely computer illiterate or anything, but I do feel I need to push myself to keep up.  Joining Twitter felt like walking into a big party where I didn’t know anybody, so I am currently hanging round the edge with a glass of wine in hand, trying not to look like the weird girl who doesn’t have any friends.  Spotted a few people I knew in the distance (so am now following them – and now I feel like a stalker!).



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4 responses to “Thing 4 – why is it so traumatic?

  1. Welcome to Twitter! Check out all your new friends : )

  2. I got so fascinated by your creative description of your entry into twitter. You have successfully nailed the feeling almost everyone in CPD23 experienced here. I am getting into the swing of things too after months of peeping from the edge.

  3. Thanks Josephine, I have to admit that if I follow my earlier analogy I am now feeling quite drunk! I am so amazed that I have already managed to garner followers (due to cpd23 no doubt as I haven’t exactly said anything interesting!) – so joining Twitter this way (along with all my fellow cpd23ers) is interesting, heady, and I feel we have all plunged into the deep end, but are also there to help each other out.

  4. You mustn’t worry about being a stalker. One of the good things about Twitter is that it’s quite within the etiquette to follow someone you don’t know from ‘real life’. And lots of people will follow you right back, too, so you can build up followers quite quickly. I must confess to not following back everyone these days (suddenly I have lots of followers and just couldn’t keep up!), but the French/Breton dancing reference in your bio hooked me in!

    Twitter is like a party, but like the good sort, where people are keen to meet you and hear what you have to say. And all the cool folks are in the kitchen talking about cataloguing and things…

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