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Well, having just learned that it took one of the cpd23 co-ordinators three weeks to pick a domain, and then an hour to brand her blog I can see that I was justified in worrying about the way mine looks!  I shall also have to try and put some time aside to re-look at ‘themes’ and branding to make mine look better, or more ‘me’ – a ‘thing’ task for this week then.

Had a quick google of my name, and quite depressingly found that there are 25 professionals on LinkedIn with the same name (and I’m not one of them!)

I added my middle name and had another search, and finally found myself.  I know I’m out there in the big world wide web , and I know it is possible to find me.  I’m on which kindly lets me know everytime someone searches for me on google (surprisingly frequently – and I don’t know whether to be worried or pleased!).  I have a few publications to my name, and these are generally the things that people are searching for.  But the page that was first to appear was a ‘day-in-the-life’ that I wrote in 2008: alongside other library staff at Cardiff University –  these features were designed to give  a taste of , and a chronicle of , the range and depth of modern library work at the University.

Earlier this year I attended an internally run course on “The connected researcher” – the library staff running the workshop had designed it primarily for research staff, but had a practice session on library staff who were interested.  One of the things that stuck in my mind was the concept of having a hub, so that all your online presences could be connected – so, for example, if I said something interesting on Twitter, you could go to my hub and find out that I had published on a similar topic, and where you could download the article from, and also find that I had a freely available presentation accessible etc etc.  Rather than having lots of scattered instances of yourself all over the place, with different (nick)names, and branding, you should draw everything together.  Obvious really, but sometimes the obvious needs to be pointed out.

In my brief google search I didn’t find anything about me that I wouldn’t have been happy for a potential colleague/employer to find, which was good – but I could see the need for perhaps bringing various strands together,(and I was rather secretly dismayed at the amount of people with my name!)

So, time to consider how to brand this blog, and whether from now on, this will be my hub (or not?)



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2 responses to “Thing3 Branding

  1. That ‘day in the life’ project looks really interesting. Did it get much attention or feedback from the intended audience (was that other library staff or the university more widely?) or from anywhere else?

    Have you heard about the international Library Day in the Life project – ? It runs twice a year, and the next round (explained in the link) is next week!

  2. To be honest I don’t know about any feedback! I think the intended audience was supposed to be the university in general (staff and students), though I expect it was mostly library staff who would have looked at it – just to see what other colleagues got up to. It was a promotional thing for for library staff, but apart from being on the website, and getting a mention in an internal newsletter I don’t know how far it was pushed.
    I hadn’t heard about the International library day in the life project, but will certainly go and have a look now! Thanks for alerting me!

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