Thing2 (sort of)

I’ve made a brief foray into looking at some other blogs, but am finding that it is quite time consuming, and there are so many – who to choose? what to read? (and of course this is just limited to those of us who have signed up to cpd23 –  I know there are millions more out there!).  Have been finding it is time to exercise some of those librarian skills, trying to narrow the focus down – for example, looking at the delicious tags, and for a start I just picked those that are in Wales, where I am.  A sort of curious, is there anyone I know doing this (a resounding yes to that question, including a colleague who works in the same office as me some of the time!).  Also trying to pick out blogs by those who are also cataloguers as I feel we will share some of the same issues, and it might be beneficial in the long run to make some good contacts.

“Never judge a book by its cover” – but we so often do – and here I also find myself drawn to those with interesting names for their blogs, an unfair approach I am sure.  I know I dithered  for a while about what to call mine – and then realised afterwards that someone else had a very similar one (they were first).

I am very impressed by how many people are taking part, but its not making it easy to keep up with everyone!  Will try and read some more tomorrow, and make some more pertinent comments.



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  1. Hi! I’ve been having trouble leaving comments on Blogger, so here’s hoping I have more luck on WordPress! Firstly, I’m a cataloguer, secondly I’m Welsh though work in Wales so my cpd23 entry says England! I’ve used pretty much the same tactic as you in selecting which blogs to read: those that look as though they’re written by cataloguers, followed by those who have given their blogs intriguing names, then HE ones etc.. Deliberations over the naming of the blog can take forever, but it’s so important to get it right, to create the impression you want ot make a.I’ve read some quite insdpirational stuff through this “event” and am finding it really useful, though, as you say, how to keep up?! Good luck with the cpd! Lynne

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