Dipping my toes into cpd23

Have just created this blog as my first step on the cpd23 course.  I’m completely new to blogging – not even sure what I will end up talking about but am hoping this course will steer me in the right direction (or perhaps drag me kicking and screaming out into the light).

I’m a cataloguing librarian at Cardiff University, and I have special responsibility for the cataloguing of items for the medical and healthcare libraries; this also includes a special project entitled the Human Genetics Historical Library http://www.genmedhist.info/HumanHistLib/

I am also a member of our (Library Service) Staff Development and Engagement Group, edit the SDEG newsletter and am always looking out for new aspects of training to bring to our staff.

I completed my MSc Econ in librarianship from Aberystwyth University a few years ago, and am comtemplating chartership at the moment – I think that embarking on cpd23 will maybe give me the push along that road…

However, I am looking forward to discovering all those relevant blogs out there, and seeing what my peers and fellow cpd23-ers are up to.



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8 responses to “Dipping my toes into cpd23

  1. Hello, just greeting a fellow cataloguer on the cpd23 course! I used to work at the Senghennydd Library many years ago, so is especially nice to see a Cardiff cataloguer 🙂

  2. Hello K, I am new to blogging too and just trying to get the basics sorted at the moment. One thing it might do for both of us is help with that thorny question of raising our profile within our organisation, which we have already talked about. It seems other cataloguers also find this an issue! Looking forward to seeing how it all develops over the summer and beyond, and hoping cpd23 will help bring some focus to what can seem quite a fragmented way of working

  3. Hi K, good to see the Cardiff gang getting stuck in! Will you be writing about CPD23 for the SDEG newsletter? I’m enjoying getting back into the habit of writing regularly and have already thought of several good topics for blog posts. I’m going to try really hard to keep it up after the course is over. Good luck!

    • Hi Alison, I think CPD23 will definitely appear in the SDEG newsletter at the end of the summer in some form. It might be nice to collate experiences of all the staff who have been taking part – so watch out I will probably be approaching you later on!

  4. I too am a cataloger (and manager) doing the CPD23 and am looking for the other catalogers out there doing this. As a new blogger you are doing great. I am so impressed that you are blogging each day!

  5. Hi darklecat,

    Another cataloguer here, belatedly getting involved in cpd23 and glad to see I’m not the only one! Blogged a little earlier in the year as part of the day in the life of a librarian project, but still pretty new to it all. Fingers crossed I keep going with it!

  6. Hi John, nice to see another cataloguer – there seem to be more of us out there than people realise. Good luck with continuing!

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